Work.Life: A Year in Review

Meet the Work.Life team
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Published: 21/12/2016

What a fantastic year it has been here at Work.Life! From opening two new offices in London Fields and Bermondsey, to growing our community of incredible members, and welcoming a bunch of new people to our team, we couldn’t be happier to jump into 2017 with our minds full of exciting plans!

Before that happens, we thought we’d take a little step back to reflect on our highlights from the last 12 months, and take this opportunity to thank everyone for their amazing support. We really can’t wait for what’s to come!

David Kosky, Co-Founder 

My highlight this year has definitely been watching our community grow. We’ve had some great new members from across the business spectrum, and it has been really exciting seeing how everyone has worked side-by-side (and together!)

We’ve also got some new sites in the pipeline, as well as a really exciting new co-working space partnership, which we’ll be announcing in the new year – stay tuned!

Grace Burrows, Membership Manager, London Fields

My absolute favourite thing that has happened this year was the reunion of Izzy and Edwina, the two rescue puppies. Izzy was adopted by one of our members, Madoc, and after bouncing around the space like a lovely little pup would, one of our other members, Zoe, fell completely in love and decided to adopt Izzy’s sister, Edwina. There were lots of damp eyes when they were reunited!

Our #CookForSyria Supper Club was also a magical evening. The kitchen was headed up by one of our brilliant members, Juliana from Mucho, and Sanaz from Zardsoht, who cooked up a major storm of Syrian and Persian flavours. Everyone was treated to such a feast, all while raising money to help Syrian refugees.

Oh, and I can’t not mention the time when Arnold from Wake The Town tricked me right from the beginning that Paul Brown (one of his team mates) was actually called Richard. It’s now at the point where I still can’t call him by his real name, as Richard has been seriously imprinted on my brain!

Clemence Billoud, Membership Manager, Camden

When I joined Work.Life a few months ago, all the members made me feel so welcome, and I already feel like some of them are becoming really good friends. It has also been great working with Manuela and Shiv – and we’ve definitely got laughing through the stress and chaos of managing a co-working space down!

Hosting Sofar Sounds twice was a real treat – they really made the space feel so intimate, and it drew a lot of our members. I’m looking forward to bringing more fun events and shows to Camden – get ready for my improv workshops!

Our Christmas week was also a highlight for me – we had magical massages from Scarlet at Masaj, Manuela’s hot chocolate bar that made such a mess of the kitchen (but it was so good it was worth it), and our Christmas Drinks which saw members who don’t usually talk get to know each other, and make new friends and business connections.

I’m really looking forward to bringing more new members into the space next year, as well really focussing on helping them connect and collaborate more – we’ve got some awesome plans ahead to make that happen!

Lily Coote, Membership Assistant, London Fields

My highlight this year was having colleagues and members turn into friends, and seeing the difference that you can make to the day-to-day lives of the people around you. I can definitely say that I have been cured of all Monday anxiety!

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