Work.Life Soho: A day in the life of a Membership Manager

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Published: 28/02/2024

Work.Life Soho: A day in the life of a Membership Manager 

Meet Martyn! He’s just one of our rockstar membership managers who works hard to make our members’ work-life happier (and easier!). Martyn’s our fun-loving, free-wheeling tennis maestro who loves a bit of fancy dress. And he’s here to spill the beans on what it’s really like behind the scenes as a Membership Manager at Work.Life Soho. 

Read on for a sneak peek into our Soho offices and coworking space as he takes you on a journey through a typical workday in Martyn’s world. 

7:15am – 8:30am 

My day begins at 7:15am when my alarm scares me awake. My outfit is already prepared the night before. With a quick shower, breakfast bar and glass of water, I’m on my way to Honor Oak Park Station to get into Soho. 

I get into the office at 8:15am and immediately grab my much-needed daily mocha from our coffee machine (we have free unlimited tea and coffee here). I also have a couple of crumpets. Sometimes, I like to mix things up with cereal instead; variety is the spice of life, people!  

Mornings aren’t my favourite part of the day, I’ll give you that, but after my morning coffee and crumpet, I’m back to my usual bubbly self, ready to help anyone that needs it. 

8.30am – 12.30pm 

From here, I get set up for the day with a morning huddle with my lovely team. We discuss the day’s events, what we are working on and any projects we need to focus on. As a manager, planning is key, so I write down my to-do list with my daily priorities. This can be anything from sales, facilities and community activation – you name it!  

The dream team!

No two days are the same, so adaptability is one of the essential skills for my role. I can have a full day on my feet showing people offices and talking to them about their businesses. Being positive, approachable and likeable in this role is also a big plus.  

12.30pm – 1.30pm  

During my lunch hour, I enjoy a walk around Soho through Carnaby Street and Soho Square. Sometimes I’ll watch tennis highlights if the weather’s not too great. 

Photo by Liza Pooor 

We’ve been making salads as a team recently from recipes we find on TikTok or Instagram. It’s a cute idea to do once a week. If I don’t have that, I’ll go to Berwick Street Market to enjoy one of the many cuisines down there; Dorothy’s West African stall is my favourite. 

Work.Life Soho’s location is genuinely so good. It’s close to loads of great bars and restaurants and it’s easy to get to tube stations.  

The office itself has such a great vibe with an amazing community. It’s a fun, warm and inviting space – I really can’t fault it. And the office feels even more lively lately because we’re all excitedly counting down to the opening of our fifth floor on 1st March! 

1.30pm – 5.30pm  

Anyway, back to my day. My afternoon is filled with team leader check-ins, tours with new businesses and renewal conversations. And on Thursdays, we eat pizza! 

On other days, my tasks and responsibilities can include speaking with brokers, keeping our facilities and operations in order with the team, and organising community events for our members.  

My favourite spot

Our members are one of the best parts about working at Work.Life Soho. They are fun. A few teams have dartboards, so we often play this with a drink and a slice of pizza. They make it great to be here; ultimately, they’re why we’re here! 

5:30pm – 8:30pm 

I finish work at 5:30pm and head to my tennis club in Dulwich to play a mixture of singles and doubles practice. I play competitively in a couple of leagues on weekends.  

Move over, Serena. 

When I’m not playing tennis, I might pop to the pub with the team for an after-work drink or two or do a sporty activity like a Spin class. We also enjoy doing quizzes as a team, and with the theatre on our doorstep, we try to go to a show at least once a month. 

London’s public transport is probably the biggest challenge of my job. It can get wildly congested during ‘rush hour’, so sometimes I stay at work later to avoid this. There’s usually someone I know around here to go for a drink or play darts with. 

8:30pm – 10:30pm  

When I get home, I like to unwind by watching my programmes. There’s a lot of stuff on TV at the moment – my latest obsession is Traitors 

Then I’m off to bed between 10:30pm and 11:30pm so I can get a good seven to eight hours of sleep before I wake up and start all over again! 

Talk to Martyn 

Our seriously stylish Soho coworking offices are totally decked out and ready to go, with all the stuff you need for a productive workday. We’re talking 24/7 access, a stocked kitchen, loads of meeting rooms, and a jam-packed events calendar with something for everyone. 

Plus, our shiny new fifth floor has offices available for teams of 8, 9, 12, 15 and 18. But be quick, they’re selling fast! 

Contact Martyn pronto at to learn more about our incredible coworking and private office working space in Soho. 


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