Sustainability at Work.Life

The choices we make about our workspace environments give us lots of opportunities to make a positive impact on the wider environment – and we grab those opportunities with both hands, implementing as much as we can.

As you’ll see, we’ve done a lot already – and have more still left to tackle.

We're currently focusing on

Starting our Net Zero journey

We believe it’s important to embrace a proactive approach to addressing climate change, so in the past year we undertook a thorough assessment of our carbon emissions to help us on the journey to become net zero. This meant establishing a baseline footprint and initiating the development of comprehensive short and long-term strategies which we will be publishing on this page very soon. These strategies will play a key role as we transition to a Net Zero future, encompassing all aspects of our buildings’ lifecycle.

Embedding Sustainability within our business

Since we first certified as B Corp, we've made huge strides in bringing the B Corp sustainability framework into our day-to-day operations. With its five impact areas - Governance, Workers, Environment, Community, and Customers – this framework is now a key part of our ethos and we’re taking action to align our operations with our core values and enrich our dedication to sustainability.

Engaging and driving impact through our communities

Over the past year we’ve elevated our civic engagement policies to be more inclusive and increase our impact. We’ve worked to embed our Giving Back days amongst the team and organised meaningful charity opportunities for our team members, individually and as groups as well as driven fund-raising actives with our members across all our spaces. We’ve also worked on improving our supply chain practices and fostering a purpose driven culture through our internal and external communities.

Charities we're supporting this year

Every year, we support four carefully chosen charities. Two are selected to align closely with our values. The third is chosen by our team, and our members pick the fourth. Meet this year’s charities.

B Corp certified since January 2022

B Corps are part of a growing global movement of people using business to do good. As a B Corp, we have to show how we’re putting people and the planet before profit.

The certification process looks closely at our social environmental impact to measure how well we’re doing. It covers everything from our supply chain and the materials we use, to charitable giving and employee benefits.

B Corp certification shows that we’re meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. And that’s something our entire team is incredibly proud of. 

Our impact report

We release our annual impact reports in line with our financial year, which runs from April to March. Our reports aim to be an honest reflection of our work, including our achievements, shortcomings and our goals for the year ahead.

Our significant suppliers

Our advisory board

Ian Marcus

Ian Marcus has 32 years experience in the banking industry within real estate. He was previously Managing Director and Chairman of the Credit Suisse European Real Estate Investment Banking Group.

Jeroen Van Den Berge

Jeroen Van Den Berge is Director at Middle 8 Capital, focused on SME buyouts, and Principal at Bain & Company. He was previously MD at Regus.

Susan Freeman

Susan Freeman is Real Estate Partner at Mishcon de Reya and was ranked 31 out of 100 individuals singled out for their contribution to PropTech 2016.


What’s next for Work.Life’s sustainability goals?

Our B Corp journey doesn’t end here, as we’ll be reassessed every year. We have plans in place for how to further improve our scores in each area and we’ll release an Impact Report annually which will cover everything from our suppliers to the people we employ.

Who are some well known B Corp companies?

There are thousands of B Corp certified businesses worldwide, from 150+ different industries. Some of the most recognisable names are Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, The Body Shop, Tony’s Chocolonely, and Danone. You can read the full list of B Corps here.

How long did it take to get B Corp certified?

From when we first applied, to achieving our B Corp certification took 2 years. You can read more about our journey to becoming B Corp certified on our blog.

Do you have an ethical marketing policy?

Yes, we do! We believe our marketing efforts should always provide genuine value to our audience. You can read the policy here.

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