Planning Your Return To The Office

return to the office

As quarantine restrictions lift, many businesses will be looking to bring their team back to the office, at least some of the time. They’ll need to think about how they can do this safety and efficiently, while also keeping costs down. Alongside health & safety concerns, there are other things businesses also need to consider – like maintaining employee happiness, and a strong team culture.

It’s not all about physical workspace, but office layout will play a big part in how teams can successfully return to the office post-COVID. Businesses may need to look at how their workspace is set up, and how they can implement safe distancing.

It’s also worth thinking about whether whole teams can feasibly come into the office at once. If you’re planning to rotate staff, there’s logistics to think about.

Given the host of conflicting advice around personal hygiene, deep cleaning of spaces and social distancing, it can be daunting for businesses to start planning their return to the office; especially those who are completely rethinking the way they use workspace altogether.

In this guide in collaboration with Two, we break down some of the ways businesses can bring their team back to the office safely, and adhere to safe distancing. This includes rotating employees, reconfiguring your existing space, ramping up cleaning, and decommissioning high-risk areas of your office space.

The guide offers support for businesses who aren’t sure how to approach returning to the office in line with new restrictions and regulations.

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If you’re rethinking the way you use office space, we can help. All our workspaces are set up for safe distancing, and can help you embrace agile working by taking as few or as many desks as your team needs.

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