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Published: 16/12/2019

Do you want hassle-free office search, design and management in a one-stop-shop from the experts in workspace planning?

Then you’ll want Yours., Work.Life’s new service helping teams of 30+ create a dedicated office space when they’ve outgrown coworking or want to move away from restrictive leases.

But what’s the big deal, how does it work and what does Work.Life really know about creating bespoke offices? We grabbed a chat with Yours. Product Lead Grace Burrows to find out more.


Tell us a bit about Yours. What’s the concept?

“Yours. is an extension of Work.Life. It is a perfect solution for teams of 30+ who want their own office space with their own brand identity – but don’t want to sign a five-year lease, face enormous fit-out costs and the hassle that comes with running a building.”

Why now?

 “The flexible office market is not slowing down and the biggest area of growth is projected in the 30+ team size – set to grow by 30% each year from now. This is great news for the industry we are in, but meant a choice for us as a business – do we sacrifice the brand we have built up and take larger spaces to accommodate for this growth? The answer was no. But it didn’t mean we had to stop there – instead, we have created a new product, Yours. by Work.Life, offering all the perks of coworking such as a flexible workspace, convenient location and a space that offers more social interaction, but with your own front door.”

How does it work?

“By choosing a Yours. workspace, you will be expertly led through the design process with our in-house design team, making sure the floorplan works for your business requirements. More specifically, we want to make sure it’s a space that encourages more team engagement, greater productivity and ultimately, overall workspace happiness.

And, because we know brand identity is super-important, we include a core branding package as part of the design, making sure your logo is present at all the key touchpoints. We will even paint the walls your brand colour to make you feel right at home.

On the property side of things, we have partnered with Knight Frank to find awesome office spaces, which the Yours. team then fills, designs and manages.”

Time is money. How soon can a business move in to their new home?

“It takes us around six weeks to fit out and design the space, during which your dedicated Workspace Experience Coordinator will keep you up-to-date on progress and will be on hand to answer any questions. From day one, your office will be ready to go, fitted with all the essentials to make sure your business can run productively, including a first-class coffee-to-bean coffee machine to keep the team pumped!”

WOW! So it’s not just about the fixtures and fittings? It really does come with the kitchen sink!

“Yes! Not only do we provide the essentials like high-speed internet, daily cleaning and facilities management, we provide all the little things too like making sure the fridge always has milk and the coffee machine is always full.

Plus, we have developed an app (I know, very fancy!), which enables you to manage your office internally, from booking meeting rooms, accessing the office with your unique QR code to raising cleaning and facilities tickets for the team to manage. It really is a hassle-free, office management solution.”

Also, we plan to have our Yours. spaces within walking distance to our Work.Life coworking spaces so businesses can make the most of the fact that it is a multi-site product.”

Work.Life has really been a game-changer in the coworking market. What’s your secret? 

“Trying to find your place in the coworking market can be challenging as there is a lot of competition out there. Over the past five years, we have built up an amazing community of members and have worked hard to establish our niche: a focus on offering a personal, community-led service, a space where people feel happy to come in every morning and therefore more engaged and productive at work.

We’ve done this by taking physically small spaces to create a genuinely personal service, as well as hiring an amazing team who genuinely care about people.”

So, about that personal service, what Work.Life office design principles of do you bring to Yours.?

“We are all about activity-based working and educating businesses to take a more agile approach when it comes to office design.

Data shows that desk utilisation is around 60-70% for most office businesses and this is the conservative data – only looking at annual leave and sick days. A lot of data actually points to the fact desks are used only about 45-50% of the time. If that is the case, the most economical way to design an office is to start with a non-fixed desk policy.

When we plan a Yours. workspace, we use the conservative number of 0.7 desk-occupancy ratio, which means an office of 75 desks can fit a team up to 105. If everyone did happen to come in on the same day for some reason, then the space plan accounts for enough ergonomic hot desks for the full team.

In terms of the look and feel, we want Yours. to be modern, yet warm with a few fun quirks. Our Workspace Design team are experienced with delivering quality and thought-out spaces and have guidelines when it comes to space-planning. For example, meeting rooms situated in close proximity to the entrance, so guests don’t have to wander through the entire office. With every step of the Yours. process and product delivery, we are constantly challenging ourselves and keeping the end-user front of mind to make sure it all makes sense.”

Can you give us an example of Yours. in action?

“Of course! We had the pleasure of helping one of our current members, e-commerce mattress company Eve, which is now in a Yours. workspace. They were originally in a leased space in Camden but came to us because they were looking to have a bigger impact in a smaller space. We handled their office move from beginning to end. It went like a dream! They said they were blown away by the result.”

Take a look for yourself with this 60-second film

Why should you let Work.Life design your office?

“Why wouldn’t you?! Have you seen our awesome coworking spaces?!

All jokes aside, we have become pretty damn good at designing workspaces and have built up a fountain of knowledge when it comes to space planning and delivering a high-quality fit-out.

Plus, we manage the whole process from start to finish. Keep in mind that if you are designing and fitting out your own office space from scratch, it’s not just an interior designer that you need… there are multiple experts involved from a Quantity Surveyor to Employees Agent to Project Manager and everyone in between. It requires a lot of stakeholders and management, so it’s a no-brainer to hand all of this over to a provider who has the industry knowledge and know-how to deliver this, with no hassle for you whatsoever.

And, it doesn’t stop at the design and fit-out. Yours. is an ongoing office management service. Our team genuinely cares and looks after your business once you are in the space; from regular face-to-face check-ins to sorting out facilities issues that arise.”

How would you sum up what Yours. represents?

“We are revolutionising the workspace experience for bigger businesses using our coworking expertise. The focus remains on offering a personal workspace experience that supports an overall sense of productivity, engagement and happiness at work – but with your own front door.”


To find out more about how Yours. can transform your business, book a consultation here.

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