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Published: 18/09/2018

Having grown up with three sisters, Soscha is German born and English bred, so look out for the common traits found within her from the British politeness to enjoying a giant glass of Weiss Bier! Having only been at Work.Life for a mere 3 months, she feels like she has known the team for much longer and has settled right into the brand new Work.Life Fitzrovia space, still a baby, just under two weeks old…

What were you doing before Work.Life?

I was working for a charity managing fuel poverty programmes, supporting London’s most vulnerable people to survive the winter and improve the quality of housing in the city. I loved the people element of the role and getting to know those who make London the place it is today! Unique and full of character. The desire to know more about who makes up this city, lead me to Work.Life – a vibrant community made up of exciting companies and small businesses.

How was it opening a brand-new Work.Life space?

I feel honoured to be the Manager of the newest Work.Life space and proud to be there from Day 1 with all the first members. It’s been a challenge but an exciting one! There is nothing I enjoy more than keeping busy and making people happy.

What do you get up to outside the 9-5?

If you don’t catch me cycling, I’ll be in the waters swimming (including the Hampstead Ponds!) or checking out the car boot sales – I am always on the go and a big fan of gigs and eating out. London is the best place to be for all of this, so want to make the most of it.

What do you think coworking will be like in 10 years’ time?

I think the future of coworking in 10 years’ time, will really understand the needs of the members – how to improve other aspects of their life as well as supporting their business-like fitness, nutrition and mental well-being. I feel the future of these spaces will promote happy lifestyles and encourage healthy eating. We’re on the way there at Work.Life and can see this taking shape by the time 10 year’s is up!

Favourite thing about working at Work.Life?

The people! Everyone from my team to all the members I am with daily are what make Work.Life so special.

Biggest phobia?

Balloons. There is something about them that just freak me out. Having organised children’s birthday parties in a previous job, I really had to deal with this phobia, so can just about manage being around them, with the upmost fear they will pop any minute.

Favourite thing about your Fitzrovia space?

It has to be the Relax booth with the CD player – Looking forward to revealing all those classic (or embarrassing!) CDs I want our members to share.

Fave Fitzrovia spot? 

I only recently discovered Kaffeine – they do the best Oat Milk Coffees and those espresso cookies. The combination is spot on! In the evenings, it’s nice to treat yourself to a cocktail at Bourne & Hollingsworth or The Riding House Café.

Where you’d like to go next on holiday?

Marrakech! It will be an Autumn holiday – so will need to get some sunshine, explore the markets and of course an activity of some kind – Surfing or a Desert Camel Ride!

Last meal before being shipped off to a desert island?

Sausage & Mash (Veggie version mind) smothered in onion gravy – what more could you ask for?!

Quick fire round:

Morning person or night owl? Night Owl for sure. Although beginning to learn the ropes of an early bird.

Favourite film: True Romance – It just ticks all the boxes.

Summer or winter? Summer. Summer. Summer!

Sweet or savoury? I will always have a sweet tooth.

Cats or dogs? Dogs.

City break or beach holiday? City Break – Always an explorer, I get too fidgety.

Netflix n chill or country walk? It has to be the Country Walk – I love the outdoors!

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