Meet Luke: Our Reading Membership Manager

Meet the Work.Life team
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Published: 21/06/2017

Moving to Reading has been quite an adventure for us, and we can’t believe how time is flying since we opened! Every Work.Life space is so unique, and we love how the area and its people influence the day-to-day dynamics in each of our offices. Our Membership Managers play a huge role in this. They’re the lifeblood of our teams, bringing together so much passion, dedication, and expertise to make sure our members enjoy every day they spend at the office. At the head of our Reading family, you’ll find the wonderful Luke. Since our London members are less likely to pop over to Reading for an event (although we highly recommend you do!) we thought we’d give him a chance to introduce himself properly!

Hi, I’m Luke! I joined Work.Life to open our amazing new space in Reading. As the Membership Manager in our first space outside of London, it’s been a whirlwind adventure so far!

Just over a month in now, and the space is looking amazing! We have a fantastic mix of people from all types of industries working out of our Reading space already, and as our Work.Life community grows, I’m on hand to support all members and their businesses. From large corporate companies to smaller independent or sole traders, there’s really something to benefit everyone from working in a location that’s shared by many different industries right here in the Thames Valley.

Having run my own business in the construction industry specialising in metal work, I know how important it is to have a professional environment to work out of, but also to have flexibility with where and when you work. I worked on many projects, most notably Winston Churchill’s house Chartwell, and Hawkhursts listed colonnade revival project. I have a very hands on approach to learning, and definitely learn best by doing. I hate sitting still and love to be active whenever possible, so this role is right up my alley!

Previously, I’ve worked and travelled around the globe, including driving across America on Route 66, living on a remote fishing island at the very tip of Australia, and I spent 2 seasons out in the Italian and French Alps as a ski guide. Skiing is a huge passion of mine, dating back from when I lived out in the French Alps with my family as a child. I’m really looking forward to arranging a Work.Life members ski/snowboard winter holiday in the future, so stay tuned for more information in the coming months! A lifetime goal of mine is to climb Europe’s tallest mountain, Mont Blanc.

I moved to Reading from London less than two years ago, and I can already see some of the best characteristics of the big smoke here; great bars, restaurants, activities, and of course now a Work.Life space! I’m already working closely with members, local businesses, and charities to help create our own Work.Life community, while making sure we contribute to the larger Reading community.

Work.Life is a start-up company itself, and I’m so passionate about making our Reading space succeed, as well as helping the vast number of other start-up companies that are beginning their own journey. With Crossrail coming to the town soon, Reading is a great location to start and grow a business, so start loving Monday again and come and join us!

Want to see what makes the Work.Life difference in the Thames Valley? Come and say hi to Luke, and book a tour in Reading today!

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