Meet Leanne, Our Bermondsey Membership Manager!

Meet the Work.Life team
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Published: 21/12/2016


With our newest co-working space opening in Bermondsey this week, we thought it would be great to introduce you to our superstar Membership Manager, Leanne.

Work.Life Membership Managers are the glue that holds our co-working spaces together. They’re there to make sure everyone enjoys every day they spend with us, and to help our members make the most to of the space – they’re masters at networking and connection and are passionate about helping freelancers find new businesses.

We’re super excited to welcome Leanne to the team. Get to know a little bit about her below!

Hello! I’m Leanne and I’ve recently joined Work.Life as the Membership Manager for our amazing new space in Bermondsey (right next to my favourite brunch spot, Village East). It’s a great place to be in right now, with so many new restaurants, bars and companies joining the area every day.

I’ve always been a big fan of community start-ups and the sharing economy. I was most recently based in Angel, managing lots of wonderful homeowners and homes at the London-based home rental company onefinestay. I had the pleasure of getting to visit hundreds of the most beautiful and crazy cool pads in London; from lofts in Hackney to 6 bed houses in Knightsbridge. I absolutely loved getting a sneak-peak inside these amazing homes (and admiring the décor), getting to know the owners, and understanding why they were sharing their most valuable asset as a place to explore London.

This is partly why I knew Work.Life would be a good fit for me. I was drawn to the totally cool interiors alongside the great community – the businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

I’m also a big advocate of Flex Appeal – a campaign pioneering flexible working, and love that Work.Life is right at the heart of it.

Work is changing, and it’s a super exciting time to be in this industry. Everyone (not just millennials and parents) are demanding more flexible working, a more inspiring and comfortable environment, and are no longer subscribing to just one career.

The slashie community is well and truly alive, and people (as well as companies) are no longer doing just one job, but are taking on more exciting projects and multiple revenue streams.

It seems in London, at least, there is more ambition then ever, and I love seeing entrepreneurs and young businesses thrive. Co-working spaces are at the epicentre of this change.

Work.Life provides a community, whether you take a 8-person office or you’re a hot-desker. It’s a place to collaborate and both find and give support. In my first week, I’ve been totally impressed by the talented members and awesome speakers and events. Most of all though, I’ve been overwhelmed at how supportive and friendly everyone is of each other, and the great family feel in both spaces. It makes me even more excited to welcome the fantastic bunch of people to Bermondsey. I already have some great speakers on-board, as well as massage therapy gurus and yogis to teach us all how to work better and destress!

So that’s work. In terms of life, in my spare time, I am volunteer tutor at The Access Project, which is a charity close to my heart. They provide tutoring for high achieving young adults who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get extra tuition, and I’m really looking forward to showing my tutee Bermondsey! I’m also looking into pottery classes with Work.Life Camden’s Clemence after we discovered a shared passion for overpriced ceramics.

In 2017 I’m looking forward to spending weekends in my brand new flat in Stevenage with my soon to be kitten Tipsy Rhombus and my boyfriend Matt. Stevenage has just opened it’s very first Thai restaurant. Living the dream.

So, that’s me. If you’d like to join me in Bermondsey, do get in touch, and I’d love to give you a tour of the space!

I wish you all an AMAZING and restful Christmas, and hope to see you in the New Year.

Leanne x

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