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Published: 15/06/2016

There can be advantages to working from home, it’s flexible and cheap, but distractions abound. Washing, cleaning, and other personal errands are always wrestling your attention away from your work. Work.Life looks to help members overcome these distractions, boosting productivity while maintaining the flexibility (and without hurting your bank balance).

Work.Life allows members to work independently, together. Many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses get the opportunity to work individually but in a professional shared environment, fostering collaboration and boosting productivity.

Power of Social Spaces

With a professional and yet flexible workspace, Work.Life London Fields is designed around a culture where it is the norm to help each other out. The variety of workers in the space, from specialised freelancers, enterprising startups and growing businesses, means that many different members will have unique skill sets which they can provide to other community members. Unlike a lot of traditional offices, there is little direct competition or internal politics; the atmosphere is one of collaboration not competition.

This is particularly useful when you are stuck in a rut or desperately trying to find a way to solve a problem for which you don’t have the necessary expertise. Through our members’ events and generally mixing with others working in the space, you can easily find people who will be happy to lend a hand, or who you can outsource specific parts of your project to. You can focus on doing the things you are good at, while people on your doorstep are able to help with those things you’re not so good at.

Boosting Your Working Life

One of the greatest struggles when working from home is balancing your ‘working life’ with your ‘home life’. Having a flexible space you can work from, outside of the home, allows you to separate your work life from your personal life. While you might resent the traditional office routine, having a flexible but professional space let’s you maintain the distraction-free environment with an efficient routine, but a routine which you have the power to dictate. This also allows your motivation for your work to stay high, surrounded by like-minded people who are similarly focused on quality and success, boosting your productivity by osmosis! If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business, or startup, this atmosphere can benefit your productivity tremendously.

Creativity and Collaboration

Bringing a flexible shared space to London Fields will allow members to work in close contact with a variety of local creatives and innovative entrepreneurs. The enterprising atmosphere provided by a community of freelancers and startups can be a great source of motivation and help to boost your creativity; collaborating with others working in the space allows you to apply new skills, gain fresh perspectives, and increase your learning from all of those around you. This can be incredibly inspirational and boost your creativity.

By working in a shared space, you gain an immediate community which you can learn from and which helps you generate new clients. By coming together and combining experience and skills, members can work as one and can offer services to clients that would not have been possible for them to do as individuals on their own. Solo-workers are also given access to experts that they would struggle to find when working at home or elsewhere, while small businesses are provided with a community of freelancers to outsource particular parts of projects to. Members get to work in a flexible and professional environment, working closely together while also independently, sharing expert knowledge with one another while the benefits trickle down to the clients.

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