National Coworking Day

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Published: 04/06/2019

National Coworking Day on Thursday, June 6, celebrates the potential of the shared work environment. Work.Life will be among those hosting a free open day for newbies to discover more. But how should you make the most of the free opportunity? We offer some ideas…


  1. Have a slurp. Work.Life offers free tea, coffee and hot drinks, so help yourself to some well-deserved caffeine. And well done you for coming on a Thursday – Work.Life serves up pizza and refreshments from 5pm. These are just some of the free treats we put on for our members, as well as yoga sessions and mini massages.


  1. Catch up on your business reading. Our locations stock a range of business books for members to borrow. It’s the perfect time to grab a coffee, find a quiet corner and gen up on the secrets to business success.


  1. A chance to plan. Up to now you’ve no doubt been working out of coffee shops, hotel lobbies and your living room. Grab the opportunity to have more space at your disposal, fewer distractions and free WiFi to help you nail that business strategy, draw up a plan of action for the next five years, or focus on that proposal you’ve been meaning to send to a client.


  1. Make contacts. Our shared workspaces welcome a smorgasbord of businesses from the newest start-ups to more established SMEs. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and swap details.


  1. A useful sounding board. Working for yourself can be an isolating experience. Use this free opportunity to chat to likeminded individuals open to collaboration. Get feedback on your business idea from a captive, supportive audience.


  1. Make a conference call in private. Work.Life has individual soundproof booths for members to make phone calls without giving away trade secrets or disturbing others. Take advantage of these private spaces during your visit – better than doing it in a shop doorway or library toilet.


  1. Explore somewhere new. If you tend to stick to one part of town (or one room of your house) to work, trying out a shared workspace gets you out and about in a previously unexplored area. Work.Life has several locations for you to discover, across London as well as Manchester and Reading.


  1. Host a meeting. Why not set up an informal business meeting with a client or team members? It’s an ideal opportunity to get round a coffee table and host a catch-up in a professional environment.


  1. Reflect. A temporary change of scene can give you the time and environment to think less about the day-to-day and more about the long-term. Ask yourself some important questions – and not just about work.


  1. Day out for your dog. Work.Life spaces are dog-friendly so you don’t need to leave your best friend at home when you go to work. We even provide the doggy biscuits.



Show this blog post at any of our locations on National Coworking Day on Thursday, June 6, for a free trial visit between 8.30am-5.30pm. To find out more and browse our locations, please click here.


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