Find Your Perfect Office Space for Rent: 5 Easy Steps in 2023

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Author: Work.Life
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Published: 30/01/2023

So you’re looking to find an office space for rent? There are a few essential steps you need to take. Choose a location, decide your budget, communicate with your team, do your research, and tour your chosen spaces – it really is that easy with our handy 5-step guide to finding your perfect workspace in 2023.

Choose your location

Identify a few potential areas in London you might prefer for your office. Consider factors like transport links, local amenities, population, and other businesses in the area. Google maps will help you see what variety of transport there is nearby. So the location is convenient for as many employees as possible, consider a location that’s between several stations or different transport options. A good example is our North London office space which is wonderfully positioned between an Overground Station at Camden Road, Camden Town underground station and walking distance from Kings Cross for national rail. A win-win for everyone!

Decide your budget

Budget is a key factor in any office space search. But where do you start? Well, we’d recommend researching the average office rent in the area and determining what you are willing to spend on rent. How many desks you will need may help you negotiate rates, so think about how many members of your team will be needing a desk. If you’re looking for cheap office space in London a flexible work space works well for hybrid teams and can help prevent you wasting money on empty desks. Also investigate what amenities you may use, the more services and perks in the space can make it more economical overall for you.

Ask your team

Your team will be the one working there every day so good to have them on board in decision making. Run a team survey to find out the favoured locations, amenities, what is attractive for employees (current and prospective). Is it quick lunches or team-building after work drinks? Do they want green spaces for wandering while they think or do they thrive in hustle and bustle? If yours is a creative team or a business that has socially responsible goals, you may do your best work in a creative environment like an office space in Camden where, wherever you turn there’s a community vibe and creativity like nowhere else in London!

Go on field trip

Book a tour of the building you like and talk to the owner or broker about what’s included and who works there, not all workspaces are created equal! We know the types of businesses in every Work.Life office space in London so you can be sure we’ll help you rub shoulders with liked-minded folk. In all of our offices you’ll find office essentials like meeting rooms and posting services as well as perks like wellness events, free breakfasts, and dog treats (for your four-legged friend, not you!)

Book your office space!

If you’ve found your perfect office space don’t wait to book, many shared office spaces in London allow short term and flexible contracts so you’re not tied to a long-term commitment. Hybrid working is growing fast and the demand for office space is as high as ever, so don’t miss out on your dream office space and start enjoying your new digs straight away!

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