The Work Happy Score: What Is Work Happiness?


For many years, work and happiness weren’t associated with one another. The view was always that work was a place you went for a purpose, and happiness was something related to your free time.

This attitude is changing, fast. Everyone’s talking about happiness; it’s a buzzword in and out of work.

We now know that happy workers mean great things for businesses. There are plenty of statistics that show just how important work happiness is for employers and for employees. Research by The Guardian has shown that engaged teams can increase productivity by 20%, and reduce turnover by a huge 87%. As a result, employees who are happy at work have an impact on bottom line, generating up to 43% more revenue.

Similarly, Forbes reported that employee engagement and wellness can reduce absenteeism by 41%, as “engaged employees show up every day with passion, purpose, presence, and energy“.

So it’s a no brainer. Employee happiness should (and needs to) matter to every company.

Work.Life and work happiness

Here at Work.Life, work happiness isn’t just something we encourage, but it’s a core principle. We know that work happiness can drive business success and customer satisfaction, and so it’s a number one priority for us in terms of our team and our business. As a startup ourselves, the happiness of our team has always been at the centre of what we do. We’re a people-centric company in every shape and form, and this has played a big part in how we encourage and inspire work happiness across our spaces.

There are lots of factors in work happiness – such as salary, job security, career development, and physical environment – and some of these we, a workspace provider, can’t control. But since our doors opened, feedback from our members has been that Work.Life feels different – friendlier, warmer and more positive – than other coworking spaces, and that our spaces make teams feel happy at work.

So as we’ve grown, this has become our USP.

Work.Life is for businesses who care about their people, and teams are happier at Work.Life.

We have always aimed to create work happiness through our coworking spaces: through the physical environment, perks we provide, and the way our spaces make people feel.

How do we measure work happiness?

Existing metrics and surveys exist for employers to measure the happiness of their employees, but there is no metric that purely looks at the workspace environment and workspace service. So we had an idea – why don’t we create a complete scoring process that can help all businesses create work happiness for their team?

Throughout the year, we are planning to research and ultimately develop this tool ourselves. The long-term objective is to be able to share this measuring tool with other businesses, and show them how to improve their own score and create work happiness in their business.

As we start to define the different factors in work happiness, and ultimately build and share our workspace happiness score, we’ll be keeping you in the loop on our progress. Stay tuned!


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