What Is A Shared Workspace?

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Published: 01/08/2022
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Shared workspaces are set up to accommodate employees from different companies, as well as freelancers, creating a place for people to come together to collaborate, socialise and share expertise, ideas, and an infrastructure.

Shared workspaces can be for all industries and business sizes. From smaller start-ups to bigger traditional companies, they provide collaborative environments and are a beneficial way of working for several reasons.

If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what is a shared workspace?’ read on to learn everything you need to know!

What is shared workspace, and how is it different to other office spaces?

A shared workspace is a communal area for working, shared by professionals from different businesses.

This differs from a typical open-plan office space, where employees work for the same company. In a shared workspace, you’ll find employees of different companies, freelancers, consultants, and professionals from various industries. Ultimately, a shared workspace is open for anyone to access should they desire an open, communal area to work from.

That being said, shared workspaces often offer more private space and open-plan work areas. For example, Work.Life workspaces provide the option of hiring meeting rooms and private office spaces, so you can find everything to meet your business needs.

What is shared workspace beneficial for?

  • Costs and Budgeting

Shared workspaces are a functional way of sharing tools and facilities, cutting out some of the usual costs a business may have in their own office space.

  • Interacting, Innovating and Teamwork

A shared workspace presents opportunities that might not be available in an independent office, like developing connections and relationships with people from similar or completely different industries. Not only could this encourage collaboration, but shared creativity often results in positive outcomes.

  • Flexibility

A shared workspace provides flexibility in terms of space and costs. By opting for a shared workspace, you’re only committing to a month-by-month payment plan, avoiding the commitment and financial requirements of a long-term lease — ideal for smaller businesses looking to keep costs down. Plus, by offering the option to easily switch from hot desking to a private desk, to a private office, shared workspaces offer versatility for changing business sizes and needs.

  • Team engagement

In a shared workspace, smaller businesses can offer perks they wouldn’t be able to through greater access to amenities and activities. With benefits such as high-speed WiFi and onsite support, complimentary Friday drinks, healthy snacks and even exercise classes and wellness activities, shared workspaces offer plenty of facilities and a positive community where your workers will feel more engaged.

What are the disadvantages of shared workspaces?

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

For companies dealing with sensitive information or working on private projects, a shared workspace may be too open for certain businesses.

  • Branding and Personalisation

Sharing a space with other companies means personal branding may be a no-go – having a company logo plastered on the wall may not be possible.


However, these potential disadvantages are not without solutions: Work.Life’s shared workspaces include private offices and meeting rooms for rent, allowing you to discuss sensitive matters, so privacy isn’t completely out of the picture. This, plus access to the wider communal shared workspaces, means opting for a Work.Life private office space gives you the best of both worlds.

We even allow personalisation of private office space, including putting your logo on the door and walls or even painting the walls in your brand’s colours.

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Work.Life and Shared Workspaces

Now that you know what shared workspace is, why not check out our options? We provide flexible, well-designed workspaces, including private office spaces & hot desking – with perks like unlimited tea & coffee, wellness events, networking, and weekly socials all included.

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