Stretching The City: Bringing Wellbeing To The Workplace

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Published: 14/06/2019

Get those headphones on – it’s time for the next instalment of our podcast series Work Happy! Here we explore the world of workplace happiness with advice on how to work, live, sleep and eat better.

In Episode 7, we chat to Sally Lovett, Founder of Stretching The City, which aims to bring wellness to your office.


Yoga teacher Sally Lovett formed Stretching the City in 2010 after her yoga classes to businesses took off. Juggling her wellbeing sessions around working in advertising and copywriting ended about five years ago when she left marketing to focus full time on her business.

Sally has a large team of wellbeing teachers and yoga experts to help her deliver everything from massages and meditation to nutrition and (the very popular) sleep workshops.

Sally acknowledges the wellbeing space is quite saturated so it’s about having a niche and “honing in”.

“The definition of wellbeing has really evolved so we follow something called the Wellbeing Wheel – a 360-degree, holistic approach. We try not to go too gimmicky. If there is a new trend, we ask is this adding value or just a fad?”

Her company serves small teams to multinationals, tailoring sessions to their needs and experience. “For a lot of these people it’s very new. The idea of putting leggings on and going to a yoga class at lunchtime is a daunting thing.”

For the individual, making a small change is still significant – ‘It’s not just about broccoli and burpees, it’s about hanging out with a friend and having an early night.’

And for the employer, Sally can offer advice from a wellbeing point of view on how to handle workplace trends like coworking spaces, staff working from home and not having a team physically present all the time.

For quick wellbeing wins in your day-to-day, Sally advises – “Drink more water, take breaks, walk round the block, and try and connect with people more.”

To hear more about how to make wellbeing part of your work/life, click here for the full podcast.

Find out more at or take a read of our interview with Sally here.

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