8 Reasons I’m so excited to open Work.Life Hammersmith

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Published: 06/12/2017

Leanne here, Membership Manager at Work.Life. You might have seen me hanging about Work.Life Bermondsey over the last year. I’m now growing our newest community in our first West London space in Hammersmith, and I’m going to tell you 8 reasons why I’m so excited to take on this project!

1. The Free Stuff

I’ve been out and about pounding the pavements of Hammersmith, my new stomping ground, to find the best deals in the area for our newest community; gyms, restaurants, bike couriers – I’m getting as many discounts (and free lunches for myself) as possible this time around. I’ve got experience under my belt now, so I know there will be plenty of local businesses out there who can’t wait to give us some free snacks, money off codes and trial days to get our members heading to their place on the regular. If you’re one of them, don’t forget to email me and let me know that you’re interested in working together.

2. The yoga by HMFYoga

Clerkenwell’s resident yoga buff Helen is joining us on Tuesday evening to bring her incredible yoga class to us West London dwellers. Not only is she an amazing yoga teacher, studio owner and vlogger, but she’s also putting together a New Year workshop. Perfect for us yoga novices to get ourselves relaxed and ready to smash our goals in 2018!

Want to get started earlier? She hosts a class in Bethnal Green, plus has a series of yoga videos out on her YouTube channel. This one is something special and I cannot wait to have her here in Hammersmith.

3. The building is ?

We’ve only gone and taken the ground floor of the extremely impressive and brand-new King’s Building just a 3 minute’s walk from Hammersmith station. The whole place is gorgeous, from the white floors leading through the reception area to the marble front desk. Oh, and have you seen the size of the light shades in the foyer? To top it off I could practically roll there from the tube station, which is delightful because I really do hate to walk.

4. The startup community in Hammersmith

I’ve been chuffed to discover an amazing community of small biz owners, entrepreneurs and startups around Hammersmith. Moving to a brand-new location is always exciting but nerve wracking. You’re wondering how easy it will be to connect with the local community and whether they will even be interested in what you’re doing. Thankfully, Hammersmith is full of great business.

The local authority also has a network called UpStream which is dedicated to supporting small businesses who reside in the area. West London is about to have big time cool start-up vibes and I’m definitely here for that!

5. The design is incredible

If you haven’t seen our visuals go check them out right now! When we open in Jan, look out for amazing commercial grade dishwashers (sexy, I know), plumbed in ice machines, swanky bean-to-cup coffee machines and a gigantic 12 seater meeting room. We’ve taken all the member feedback from our other spaces and spared no expense in making this place the best yet. Members are the core of what we do here at Work.Life and we are determined to really use their feedback to make it great.

6. The new people I get to meet

Despite popular belief, I’m an introvert. People that know me and are reading this are currently guffawing. ANYWAY – that’s not the point. The point is that getting to meet new people from touring potential members to welcoming our new community is SO EXCITING. I love to make new friends. I feel like every person I meet on the way teaches me a little something about life and I love that. I’m an over-sharer, for sure and the volume of people willing to over share with me makes me very happy.

7. The location is on point

I’ve already mentioned my morning roll from the station, but I haven’t mentioned the proximity to my good friend Starbucks, whose toffee nut lattes are the reason that I put on 5lbs every year! I’ve also not mentioned the many great eateries like Honest Burger that are just a stone’s throw away from the space. Plus, we’ve got Hammersmith Apollo right around the corner. I recently saw London Grammar perform there and it made me even more excited about opening in Jan.

8. The glory

Speaks for itself really. By the end of all this I’ll be able to look back on 2017 and say – I opened a coworking space… or 2.

So that’s it! The 8 reasons I’m so excited to be opening Work.Life Hammersmith. Don’t forget to book a tour to get a chance to meet me in real life – oh and see the space of course!

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