Why You Should Choose Coworking Over The Coffee Shop

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Published: 22/08/2017

This week, we chat with the star of our “Coffee Shop Freelancer” video, Mariam French, to find out why she made the leap from the coffee shop to a coworking space, and how it has benefitted her business.

Hi Mariam! Thanks so much for starring in our video. We know that you’ve had a lot of experience working from coffee shops. Why did you initially choose to work there, and what was your experience like? 

I mostly worked from a coffee shop for the convenience. It allowed me to pick a location near to me, or my investors, where I could set up camp and get my work done. It’s also free (well, the price of a couple of slowly drunk coffees).

Although it was convenient, and free, I did have a few gripes about using it as a base to build the business:

  1. There was always a feeling of anxiousness about being able to get a table that would be suitable and private (enough).
  2. I had a couple of situations where I would need to make a phone call, and the sounds of hardcore Notorious BIG (or something arguably as inappropriate) would come blazing on the sound system.
  3. I always felt a little awkward stretching out my coffee over a couple of hours.
  4. It was always a pain going to the toilet and hauling all my stuff, only to find the table I’d so patiently waited for had now been taken.
  5. Finally, from a practical perspective, downloading large PDF design files on slow communal WiFi was near to impossible!


So what made you decide to finally take the leap and try coworking?

Working in a coffee shop was okay when I was just in a “research” phase, but as my business started gaining momentum, I really needed to find a proper ‘base’ to work from. More specifically, I needed the ability to store my stuff in a locker, have printing facilities as and when I needed them, WiFi that was fast enough to download even massive design files, and private areas so I could make phone calls without inappropriate musical distractions!

What are the benefits of working at Work.Life as opposed to working in a coffee shop – and what have the benefits been for your business?

Well, aside from everything above:

  • The Work.Life team are a friendly bunch, who never fail to bring a smile to my face.
  • I love having the opportunity to chat and get to know other small businesses, share experiences, and exchange tips!
  • There’s a genuine community vibe here.

Work.Life has offered me a professional environment that I feel comfortable bringing suppliers and investors to for business meetings.

What has been your favourite Work.Life experience so far?

I’d say my best moment so far was the Work.Life 2nd Anniversary party up on the roof at Bermondsey. It was so lovely to meet people from across the Work.Life family. Definitely an evening with great company and amazing views over the City!

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