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Published: 24/07/2017

With Summer well and truly underway, we can’t be the only ones who are starting to feel a little bit restless during the week.

After all, we know what happens the second the sun finally starts peeking through the clouds, especially in London! The layers come off, the bikes come out, and long Pimms-fuelled afternoons in the park give way to balmy evenings of fun and laughter with the people we love.

Working for yourself during this time can be difficult, especially if you’re stuck at a kitchen table, or in a loud, bustling coffee shop.


So we’ve thought of a few reasons why you should turn to coworking during the summer months:

1) It’ll make you more productive 

We all know that one of the major benefits of coworking is that it can make you more productive, but did you know that it’s not just freelancers and small businesses taking advantage of our spaces over the summer?

Just ask our member Ange Stellar:

“I’m a Master’s student at the Royal College of Art and currently my studio at school has been moved. The whole building is under construction, and getting to school takes one hour. So signing up to use Work.Life’s coworking space was the best solution.

The past few weeks I have been in “summer mode” and not very motivated to work since everyone is traveling and enjoying the sun. Being in a coworking environment has pushed me to focus more on my thesis, as there’s no summer holiday for most at a coworking space.

Being surrounded by others focused on work was probably my main reason for joining. Work.Life has a friendly environment where everyone seems to be productive, but without the stressful office vibes. I also appreciate the variety of spaces that are available: from small cubicle-like desks to large tables, the beautiful kitchen space, and all the nice fellow co-workers.”

2) You’ll still get outside

Our Bermondsey and Reading spaces have brand spanking new (and pretty damn gorgeous) roof terraces, with amazing views across the city.

Get your Vitamin D by working up there during the day, join us for evening rooftop yoga classes, or get to know your fellow members with a weekly (free) pizza and beer sesh in the sun.

All our spaces are also incredibly well located, and they’re pretty darn close to beautiful outdoor areas. So whether Primrose Hill or London Fields is your favourite place to relax, there’s no reason why you can’t get your summer park time, while still getting your work done.

And the best part? We’re local – meaning we’re actually close to where people live. So you can forget about that sweaty, airless, commute into town!

3) Wave goodbye to distractions

Brand Consultant Parrus Doshi has found that summer coworking makes a huge difference when batting the distraction demon:

”I’ve really benefited from using Work.Life in Clerkenwell over the summer period. The life of a freelance consultant working from coffee shops and different offices can be unpredictable and distracting at best, so having one base to work from at a very affordable price (particularly when you add up the cost of all those coffees I was having to buy to stay put!) was incredibly useful.

The added benefit was that I got to meet others in my situation and have joined the Work.Life community. You get free access to all the functional things like meeting rooms, phone lines and awesome coffee… but also socials, yoga clubs and pizza nights! Even in the two months I’ve been there, I’ve managed to make quite a few contacts for work. I’ve taken a permanent role at an agency but have actually kept my Work.Life membership too… the flexibility of a base in central London was too good to give up!”

4) Take advantage of as much as you want 

Whether it’s our own socials, or one of the dozens of curated events we host each month, you’ll never be stuck for something to do one evening (even if your pals are all travelling!)

You’ll have the opportunity to build your network, learn new skills, and even make new friends.

5) Got the travel bug?

If you’re out and about all summer, but still need somewhere to call home, why not consider Work.Life Flex.

This is a different membership to the one on offer, but with pay-as-you-go coworking, it’s perfect for those on the move. Just pop in and out of a space whenever you need to (and take advantage of all the benefits!) without the commitment.

Interested in finding out more? Read about our coworking space options here.

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