The Freelancer Awards: Celebrating Incredible Freelancing Talent

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Published: 11/12/2016

“There are thousands of freelancers who are contributing an immense amount of value to the world. They are the growing force of experts to whom our industry is continually turning to, in order to get the job done. They’re also often the unsung heroes of this process – often Chinooked into a situation, or thrown a Hail Mary brief and asked to deliver immediately. These awards are the recognition of these experts.” – Shib Matthew

The way we work is changing, with more and more people choosing to work as freelancers than ever before. However, many freelancers work alone, and receive little recognition for the incredible role they play in today’s workforce. It’s time that changed.

That is why we were proud sponsors of this year’s Yuno Juno ‘Sweet F.A’ Freelancer Awards – which recognised excellence through independence, and celebrated the very best freelancing talent across London.

Held at Shoreditch’s Village Underground, where there was more exposed brick than a hipster can shake a beard comb at, freelancers and businesses gathered for a night of celebration.

With categories ranging from creative art and copy to client service, development and research, the awards were a true celebration of the diversity of the changing world of work.

Shib, founder of the awards, told us that Yuno Juno have been“blown away by the overwhelming support for The YunoJuno Freelancer Awards. After launching the inaugural awards in 2015 to celebrate the exceptional contribution that freelancers make to the creative and tech industries we decided to go bigger and better in 2016. 

This year there were over 800 nominations and thousands of votes with the celebrations culminating at the main event on 1st December. And what a night it was.

We are extremely grateful to be working with our two community sponsors: Crunch and Work.Life, who have helped us take this initiative to the next level. A huge thanks to everyone who made The Sweet FA’s a huge success this year. The biggest recognition however, goes to the incredible YunoJuno freelancer and employer community who continue to drive us forward in redefining the future of work.

“See you in 2017!”

At Work.Life, one of our central missions is to support and promote the work of freelancers across London. With our revolutionary Flex membership (London’s first pay-as-you-go co-working option) we recognise that people are at different stages of their working life, and need a truly flexible option to escape the kitchen table and coffee shop – working whenever and however they want.

Our community brings together freelancers with entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporates to create an atmosphere where hard work, creativity and dedication is celebrated every day. We believe that it is this mix and understanding that is the future of a happy and successful workforce – forging opportunities that bring together the best of what our vibrant city has to offer.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and to all the winners! We can’t wait to see what you get up to over the next year!

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