Breathpod: Transforming Your Life Through The Power Of Breath

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Published: 14/05/2019

Listen up! It’s time for the next instalment of our new podcast series, Work Happy, in which we explore the world of workplace happiness to share tips on how to move, eat, sleep and work better.

In Episode 6, we take a deep breath to chat with transformational breath specialist Stuart Sandeman, Founder of Breathpod.


We all know how to breathe, right? Not really it seems.

Stuart explains breathing is a powerful tool in managing stress and maintaining calm – if we do it properly. Applying the techniques Breathpod champions could be the key to a happier, more connected existence.

“The rhythm rate and depth of your breath is always sending signals to your brain. We often don’t think about that. The short, shallow breath is going to get more air in and move us into a sympathetic state, which is our stress response.” 

Stress isn’t bad in itself as it gets us ready for action. But remaining in a state of stress all day every day isn’t helpful, especially when it can affect our breathing. Inefficient breathing can also be prompted by poor posture, injury and our emotional states – “Humans hold breath to stop feeling overwhelmed by their emotions.”

By focusing on your breathing, Stuart says the results can be “effective, simple, potent. People don’t know how to let go. [Breath practice] is the process to let go.”

Following a varied career, including international DJ and City broker, Stuart pursued his passion after taking his Mum to a breathing workshop for Mother’s Day. He said it was transformational both physically and emotionally, helping him cope with personal tragedies.

When it comes to workplace happiness, Stuart says it’s about identifying and evaluating why you’re doing what you do.

“For me, workplace happiness is just connecting to the ‘why’ you are there. If you are not happy at work then you’ve probably got an opportunity to change where you’re at. If you don’t [have the opportunity], then connect to the reason that makes you happy to go to work. Caught up in the every day we don’t stop and say, okay, what can I do to alleviate that? Take a breather, evaluate and move that evaluation into action.”

And… relax.

For more on how to harness the power of your breath, click here to listen to the full conversation.

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