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Published: 14/06/2019

Our Work Happy podcast series returns this week for our eighth and final episode! Who better to finish off this incredible season with than Rita Trehan, founder of DARE – sharing her tips and advice on how to manage transformational change in companies.


Company change often prompts feelings of fear, uncertainty and stress, especially if implemented without consultation, consideration or perceived purpose.

But imagine the outcome if it was better presented, explained, managed and achieved? HR expert Rita Trehan helps companies better deal with company transformation to ensure sustainability and success.

“People often associate change with losing something when actually change is often about experiencing renewal,” she says.

And Rita’s company isn’t called DARE for nothing. “It’s about daring companies and people to believe in what’s possible. The business world today is under so much disruption and change, it’s companies that are really willing to dare, to try and find their uniqueness, that are really going to be successful.” 

Rita has worldwide knowledge in transformation management (including managing five transformations in seven years for a global corporation) before leaving the corporate world to mentor Chief HR Officers.

But it wasn’t long before it was Rita’s turn to transform – from working with lots of people to being just her, building her own business. DARE’s aim is “To transform how HR is perceived. [Traditionally] it doesn’t have a great image but it’s the lifeblood of a company.”

Rita’s advice for thinking about change includes…

  • Be clear about what problem or ambition the change is trying to solve or achieve. Peel back the layers.
  • If you’re trying to transform something for a bigger mission or purpose, be clear about the impact on people and how you can bring people along on the journey.
  • And ask your staff what they think about things. Encourage openness and trust.

Listen to the full conversation here. To find out more about DARE visit www.dareworldwide.com.

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