The Work.Life Charity Committee: supporting our members in charitable causes

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Published: 19/10/2017

We really do have the best members and want to share their success with everyone!  Being the lovely humans that they are, they got together and created the first Work.Life Charity Committee to help support the International Rescue’s ‘Together for Refugees’ campaign, this summer.

The first Charity Committee, composed of London Fields members, organised a film screening and panel discussion which took place in September at the Institute of Light. Our committee raised £500 in ticket sales, which we matched making the total £1,000!

Each committee member brought something unique to the table and it was this diverse set of skills which made the event such a success. From hosting and chairing the panel discussion to promoting the event in the local press, every member played a key role in the success of this event.

By taking part in the Charity Committee our members had the opportunity to meet other coworkers, develop new skills and increase their network through contact with other organisations such as the IRC-UKBen & Jerry’s and The Institute of Light.

It was especially great to partner with Ben & Jerry’s because this allowed us to reach a wider audience, including those who wouldn’t normally engage with this topic. Their initiative also encourages people to use their voice (not just their wallets) to advocate for a more humane refugee system by signing the EU petition.

We’re super proud of our members and want to continue to support their charitable nature. Each quarter a new committee will be formed and organise a fundraising event to support a cause of their choice. We’ll also contribute to the fundraising pot by matching any amount raised!

We want to say a massive thank you to our first Charity Committee members; Elvira, Ashleigh, Sonia, Phylicia, Isidoro, Dilfer and Hazel!

The new Charity Committee, composed of Clerkenwell members, is already active and preparing a new event in December to support their charity of choice. If you’re a member and want to help, there is still time to join the them, just shoot us an email!

Work.Life Charity Committee meeting

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