5 Tips for Choosing Your Next Annual Team Meeting Spot

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Published: 14/12/2023

5 Tips for Choosing Your Next Annual Team Meeting Spot 

Imagine this: You and your awesome team, all in one place, reflecting on the wins and challenges of the year gone by and cooking up some seriously epic goals for the months ahead. 

With a brand-spanking new year right around the corner, now’s the time for your annual team meeting. And that means choosing a venue that doesn’t just host you but embraces your team with open arms.  

Picture a space where work vibes meet warm fuzzies, productivity intertwines with comfort and creativity blossoms in a place that feels like a home (office) away from home (office).     

Yep, it exists!  

And we’re here to help you on your quest for the ultimate annual team meeting spot – the kind of place where ideas flow like confetti, laughter echoes through the air and productivity meets pizzazz.   

So, let’s dive into the five essential ingredients that’ll turn a meeting space from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG, this is amazing!’ and make your annual get-together the stuff of legends.  

1. Location 

Opt for a location that’s super easy to reach because, let’s face it, the journey should be just as awesome as the destination! Think about how long it will take for your team to get there and how close the meeting spot is to public transport. 

Our meeting rooms (which you can book by the hour, by the way) are conveniently located in Central London, Reading and Manchester. Plus, they’re well served by public transport, surrounded by cool amenities and a pinch of local charm – the perfect combo!  

And don’t forget about accessibility. Making sure a meeting spot is fully accessible and DDA compliant will ensure everyone has a positive and inclusive experience. 

2. In-house facilities

Check that your chosen venue has the necessary amenities you need for a kick-ass meeting. In-house services like up-to-date AV equipment, reliable Wifi and technical support keep the planning process simple and ensure your event goes without a hitch.  

Look out for meeting spots that throw in some tasty refreshments, too. Because we all know snacks and coffee are the glue that holds meetings together. 

(Psst! Work.Life meeting rooms come with all these extras and more as standard). 

3. Venue vibes 

Next up, let’s talk about ambience. Whether it’s sleek city chic or the whimsy charm of a hidden gem, find a spot that matches your team’s energy.   

Your meeting space should be a comfy, well-lit paradise that screams, “Let’s do this!” Think plush chairs, a dash of greenery and tons of mood-boosting natural light – the stuff that’ll energise your team.   

Consider the seating arrangement, acoustics and the availability of breakout rooms for smaller group sessions. And look for spaces that can transform from a brainstorming cocoon to a team-building playground at the snap of your fingers.   

You’re not just looking for a space to sit; you want a productive haven where your team can feel at home – minus the never-ending pile of laundry! 

4. Local amenities 

See what’s happening around your meeting spot, like local attractions and activities. Adding some local flair adds value to the overall experience for your team, especially if they have downtime. 

Also, think one step ahead and make sure there are nearby restaurants and other amenities for pre- or post-meeting nibbles. Whether it’s a café for morning pastries, a restaurant for a team lunch or a bar for a well-deserved evening lemonade, find an area that caters to the masses. 

If you’re gearing up for an early bird kickoff or a late-night rendezvous, choose a location with convenient accommodation options nearby.  

Did we mention that our workspaces are centrally located in London, Reading and Manchester? That means we’re surrounded by hotels, eateries and exciting attractions that’ll turn your annual meeting into the talk of the office (and maybe the town)! 

5. Sustainability 

This one’s a biggie for us as a B Corp: consider the environmental impact of your meeting. Choose locations and venues that align with your organisation’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

When you’re searching for a meeting space, consider things like its energy generation and consumption, waste handling, and equality and diversity policy. Look out for credentials and a venue that’s clear about its CSR stance.  

Take Work.Life, for example. Since we’re B Corp certified, our annual impact report gives you a transparent reflection on our achievements, shortcomings and goals. 

Opting for a responsible venue enhances your brand image and shows your commitment to making choices that positively impact communities, the environment and society. 

Your perfect team meeting venue 

So, there you have it – the lowdown on picking the ultimate spot for your next annual team meeting! Remember, it’s not just about finding four walls; it’s about creating an experience that matches your team’s energy, has plenty of recreational delights nearby and checks off all your deserving needs. 

From considering in-house amenities to thinking about the environment and social impact, these five considerations are your golden ticket to hosting a productive team meeting that’s one to remember. 

Whether you’re a Work.Life member or not, you can book one of our meeting rooms (perfect for 2-20 people) instantly online! Find out more today. 


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