10 Ideas For A Less Manic Monday

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Published: 14/06/2019

Does the thought of Mondays fill you with dread? If so you need these top 10 tips for making the first day of the week more zen and productive.


  1. Prepare your diary on a Sunday

Spend 10 minutes (feet up in front of Countryfile optional) reviewing what you have planned for the week ahead, and preventing any nasty surprises like meetings you haven’t prepped for. If Monday’s looking too packed maybe you need to reallocate tasks over the week in a more manageable way. Why not be extra-organised by doing all this on Friday before you stop for the weekend?


  1. You’re not that popular

If it’s imperative you need to complete a chunk of work undisturbed come Monday morning then pre-set your out of office for a few hours. Emails will dominate your day if you let them. So don’t let them.


  1. Take time out – before you start work

Avoiding a lie-in is difficult, but rising 30 minutes earlier could mean clear headspace time and a better workday. Why not start the day with 30 minutes of meditation or by reading a few chapters from a book about something completely unrelated to your day job? Scrolling through Twitter doesn’t count.


  1. Get into work earlier

Getting set up and comfortable when the office is at its quietest means a more peaceful beginning to your week. With no unnecessary interruptions you’ll power through the first hour.


  1. Prepare lunch in advance

Some simple meal planning means you could make enough on Sunday for a quick-packed lunch for Monday (and beyond). How about a nutritious chilli con carne, roast vegetable salad or tagine stew with brown rice – the kind of meals you can make a bit more of at the weekend to give you less hunger hassle in the week. This means less time queuing for grub on your lunch break, and probably a better bank balance too.


  1. Take a break

Be kind to yourself. Working flat out on a Monday isn’t necessarily productive. Take a 15-minute walk at lunchtime and make sure you take regular screen breaks. You’ll return refreshed and ready to complete the day’s tasks.


  1. Cut the distractions

We’re often our own worst enemies when it comes to getting work done. If we’re surfing social media or watching that really important YouTube clip about how to avoid online distractions, it means the work backlog starts mounting up – and it’s only Monday! Consider checking emails a maximum of just three times a day, turning off notifications and logging out of your favourite social media channels until you tackle that day’s priorities.


  1. Schedule in some fun

You might enjoy Mondays a bit more if you had something to look forward to in the evening. Whatever it is, from joining an evening gym class to devouring a box set, having a reward waiting for you at the end of the week’s dullest of days will help the time pass faster.


  1. Is it me?

If Mondays bring you out in hives it might be time to ask yourself if you need a career switch, or at the least review your business goals. As the adage goes, if you do what you love you’ll never work another day of your life.


  1. Remember how to play

Have a good time at work. As a member of Work.Life you have access to free breakfasts, pizza evenings, yoga, massage, and an eclectic calendar of social events, talks and more. Balancing work with wellbeing is key to a sustainable working life, which will help you to welcome Mondays with enthusiasm and confidence.


For more on how Work.Life could help you love Mondays (and every other day of the week), check out our different memberships.

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