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Work.Life stands out in the marketplace for several reasons: the provision of modern, exciting workspaces; the sheer flexibility they offer, and their amazing staff, for whom nothing is too much trouble and who make my job easier on a daily basis.

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Want hot desking space for your whole team?

We can accommodate teams of up to 5 hot deskers for Flex or Unlimited plans. Any bigger, it's more cost-effective to look at renting a private office space.



What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a flexible working arrangement, usually in a coworking space, where employees have no allocated desk. Rather than working at a set desk space, people just walk into the space and choose the desk they would like to work at.

It’s a great flexible option for freelancers or small teams looking for a work-focused environment.

What’s the difference between Flex and Unlimited?

Flex is our pay as you go membership, it’s ideal for people who are using workspace less than 2 days per week as you just pay for the hours you’re in the space.

Unlimited is best for anyone using the spaces 2 days a week or more. It offers 24/7 access and a variety of additional benefits including 2 hours of free meeting room usage, mail handling and free printing.

Can I rent a desk for a day?

With a Flex membership, you pay for workspace per hour. If you want to rent a desk for a day, your total spend will be capped, and you’ll pay a maximum day rate which varies by location.

Is Flex a good option for home-office hybrid working?

Definitely! We recommend Flex is used by those who want workspace for less than two days a week, so it’s perfect for individuals or teams who work remotely for most of the week, but want access to any of our workspaces on-demand. To sign up a team for Flex, please enquire here.

Which Work.Life coworking spaces can I use with a hot desking membership?

You have access to all our spaces with both Flex and Unlimited memberships.*

*Reading and Manchester Unlimited members will only have access to another location 1 day per week.

When can I start hot desking?

Signing up to both memberships takes just a few minutes via our website. Once completed you’ll be required to book in an induction at a space. These happen at 9am daily in each space. During the induction, you’ll be shown around the space, shown how to log on to the Wifi, and how to print.

Once you’ve been inducted you’ll receive your membership card and are free to use the spaces.


Can I print as a hot desking member?

Yep! Printing is included in the Unlimited Membership (fair usage policy of 250 B&W and 20 Colour per month) and can be purchased as a bundle add-on for Flex members.

How much are meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms vary depending on the size but range from £50-90+vat per hour.

Flex members get a 25% discount and Unlimited members get 50% discount.

What times can I access the coworking spaces?

Flex members have access 8.30am – 8.30pm, 7 days a week (excluding bank holidays).

Unlimited members have 24/7 access to any space.

Do I have to pay for anything else once I’m here?

All the kitchen facilities, food and drink are free once you’re here. All Work.Life socials and most events are also free.

Only additional services for Flex members are chargeable, such as printing, mail handling, virtual office and meeting room hire.

Can I bring guests or colleagues in?

You can bring a guest in if you’ve hired a meeting room. With permission of the staff you can also bring a guest in for up to one hour maximum in a breakout area for a casual meeting. Guests must not use the hot desking area or phone booths, and you must be with your guest at all times.

For a colleague, if it’s a one off we can charge the Flex day rate to your account (Flex or Unlimited) for them to work here with you for the day. If the person intends to use the space at least once a month then they will require a Flex membership.

How do I pay?

Flex members sign up with a credit or debit card. You are charged the day after your session.

Unlimited members pay monthly on the 1st by either card or direct debit.

Can I upgrade my membership from Flex to Unlimited easily?

Yes, you can upgrade with just 1 days notice – please speak to your membership team.

What is the cancellation policy?

Flex membership can be cancelled with no notice at all; just ask us and we will cancel it immediately.

Unlimited members can cancel their membership up until 5 days before the following month.

e.g. if you cancel on the 10th March, you will finish at the end of March, having paid a full month already.

If you cancel on the 28th March then you will be required to pay fully on 1st April, with your membership ending at the end of April.

I'm still not sure, can I speak to someone?

Absolutely, feel free to contact us – just call one of our spaces or email us directly.